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How to protect yourself well while using a chainsaw

More than for any motor gardening tool, use a chainsaw needed to be equipped with protective equipment (PPE) appropriate and respondents with current standards:


– Wearing a helmet, goggles and a mesh visor (or mask) is mandatory. They protect against flying wood chips, shavings and splinters.

– To guard against the risk of cuts, opt for pants or leggings and cut-resistant gloves: crossed fiber block in case of contact, the rotation of the chain.

– Equip yourself with safety shoes with toe caps feet to avoid crushing. Sculpted soles keep you from sliding in the mud, with the machine on the road, and you better hold on to the trunk.

– Also, remember to bring ear protection (anti-noise shells or earplugs), especially if you use a thermal chainsaw.

NB: If you live in town, be sure to observe noise regulations, especially if there is a thermal chainsaw, particularly noisy. Check with your local council for times of use of such tools.

How to handle a chainsaw?

– Check that the ergonomics of the saw is adapted to your body and that you support its weight in order to always maintain control.

– Prefer a stable position on both feet, and avoiding work in balance.

– Except for saws pruner, always hold the saw with both hands below the shoulders.

– The left hand must always be on the front handle behind the guard rail. The right hand is on the rear handle. For comfort, keep your wrists straight.

– Never use the end of the chain, at the risk of producing a rebound effect: the machine is violently pushed back.

NB: Chainsaws are exclusively intended for right. There is no left-handed chainsaw. If you are in this case, use this type of machine as a righty. Otherwise, the security features may not protect you…you can also refer this instruction on William Grimm’s site on how to handle the chainsaw and what are the best chainsaws

How do I start a chainsaw?

Using a chainsaw is dangerous for the user and for people in the vicinity. To prevent accidents, although its follow some safety tips.

– Sit in an open area at least 15 meters away from any person not equipped to protect and away from any source of ignition.

– First, check the chain tension. When you stray, only 3 links must appear. Re-tension the chain if necessary. Check oil levels and for thermal models, fuel.

– Make sure the chain brake is engaged. It must be pushed forward.

– Put the chainsaw a flat and unobstructed. The chain must never be in contact with the floor!

– Place the right foot firmly on the rear handles and enters the machine with both hands.

– Remove the protective covers.

– Start the machine by operating the controls for electric models or by following the procedure below to thermal models.

– When ready to be cut, release the chain brake by pulling the handle towards you the chain brake with your left hand.

NB: Do not start the chain is engaged in a cut.

Special case: starting a thermal chainsaw

For electric chainsaw models, it is usually sufficient to operate a lever or a button to start the engine, the initiation of thermal models is a little more complex…

– Set the control to the startup mode.

– Press two or three times on the priming pump to raise the fuel in the tank.

– If the engine is cold, open the choke.

– Grasp the carrying handle with the left and the starter handle with your right hand.

– Pull the starter handle with a sharp movement and short. Accompany then winding the cord with your right hand. Repeat the operation if necessary.

– At startup, the engine speed increases and the rotation of the string snaps.

– Pass the boot to normal mode to run the engine at idle.

– Run the engine about 10 seconds and remove the starter.

The machine is ready for use!

Updated: March 15, 2017 — 10:41 am

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