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Air fryer review: Seb – Actifry GH8061

The fryer without oil Actifry Family GH 8061 is the new version of the Actifry Seb AL8060, with a slightly greater capacity. This model is able to produce up to 1.2 kg a batch (instead of 1 kg) of fresh chips with just one spoonful of oil. With its range, Actifry Seb was a pioneer fryer without oils. Here come a review of this product.



The Actifry fryer can prepare fries without oil, light and good. One spoonful of oil is enough to prepare 1.2 kg of fresh chips, within 3% fat, against over 15% for a conventional fryer. Dietary fries so you can eat without feeling guilty or increase cholesterol levels.  Frozen chips do not need to add oil as they already contain.

To achieve this performance, the Actifry uses a forced air system that cooks the fries (Actifry’s patented technology system), while an articulated arm rotates gently to make the fries golden brown all sides. The tank is made of aluminum with a ceramic coating. It can be placed in the dishwasher with the lid.


The taste is very good and much better than the oven fries. To find the taste of classic French fries, it is always possible to add a tablespoon of oil. It is recommended to use potatoes adapted to units without oil: we obtain without difficulty light and crispy fries.

An additional advantage of the Actifry fryer without oil is that it is possible to cook the fries with several types of oils. So you can experiment with oils enriched with Omega 3, olive oil for example, to try fries tasted different.


Using the Actifry is very simple: just adjust the cooking time and start the fryer. Firing is automatic, and the Timer alerts you when time is up. Warning, the timer does not stop the cooking and we must stop it by hand.

The cooking time is about 45 minutes for 1.2 kg of French fries, and 30 minutes for 500g.

The Actifry GH 8061 is versatile and can cook something other than fried: fried vegetables, sliced chicken or fruit soup for example. The cookbook is included with the fryer described 60 recipes covering starters, mains and desserts.



The Actifry is versatile and can be used to cook other dishes as fried vegetables, prawns, …

  • Removable aluminum bowl with nonstick high-strength ceramics coating.
  • The transparent opens automatically lid monitors the cooking.
  • Large LCD display that shows the remaining cooking time.
  • The walls of the fryer remain cool to prevent accidental burns.
  • Limited odors.
  • Easy maintenance of the fryer that is safe when going in the dishwasher (tank, rotating arm and cover). Otherwise, there is no end of cooking oil, a simple sponge is enough.
  • Made in France.

Weak points

  • Longer cooking time than the Philips AirFryer.
  • A little noisy.
  • The Timer still does not stop cooking, making it necessary to be present to stop the machine, and the bell is not very strong.

Customer reviews

If you do not like the smell of frying but like fried potatoes, chicken … .. this device is for you. In addition,  not need to monitor cooking. The only small problem … the price.

Good product that does what it promises, but the ergonomics are improving. The timer is not coupled to the operation, making it necessary to turn off the unit manually. The device is bulky and noisy. The rotating part is hollow and is filled with food. The distribution is not always perfect either, foods tend to accumulate rather than be distributed regularly.

Updated: March 15, 2017 — 10:41 am

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